Wednesday, December 4, 2013

PreenFM2 (DIY Synthesizer PreenFM mk2)

Hey !
Just finished building my PreenFM2

It is an awesome FM Synthesizer. The Kit is very well made, was a bliss to build it!

Used some Waldorf Knobs i had left from my other projects, looking good :D
I paid 195 € including shipping. Shipping was very fast and well packed.

If you are not very experienced with electronics you can still build this Kit with the build instructions and a little soldering skill!

Hint: Beware that some or most old USB Drives dont work ! Be sure to get a USB 2.0 Drive, i tested the Sandisk Cruze and it worked very well.
Also with the new Firmware you can use an OLED Displays but the OLED Display is smaller so you will have gaps in your case, keep that in mind.

Get the Kit here:
Visit the Forum here:

Here are some photos !

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

current studio setup

Pioneer CDJ-800 MK2 (CD Players)
Pioneer DJM-400 Limited Edition (DJ Mixer)
AudioTechnica ATH-Pro700MK2 (DJ Headphones)
Sony TA-F500ES (Vintage Amplifier)
JBL-8330 Reference Pro THX (Monitor Speakers)
Alesis M1Active 520 (Monitor Speakers)
Logitech 2.0 USB (Reference Speakers)
Soundtracs Topaz 12-4 (Studio Mixer)
M-Audio AxiomPro 25 (Midi Controller)
audio Phile rx (Tube Amplifier)
AKG K702 Anniversary Edition (Studio Headphones)
UltraSone HFI-500 DJ1 (Reference Headphones)
Moog Sub Phatty (Analog Synthesizer)
Sega Nomad with GenMDM (FM Synthesizer)
Gameboy with LSDJ (Synthesizer)
PreenFM2 (FM Synthesizer)
Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 Firewire (Soundcard)

Monday, January 21, 2013

RyuX - HiTech Addict Mix (HiTech Psy / 177 bpm)


1. Insector - Milky Way
2. Oxidaksi - Game Over
3. Paralocks - Parallel Cosmos
4. Gotalien - Atomota
5. Insector - No Problem
6. Insector - Mutant City
7. Oxidaksi - Modular Dream
8. Anubis - Brain Gym
9. Highko - Message in the Bottle
10. Virtuanoise - Bad Feeling
11. Insector - Gone Forever
12. Paralocks - Hyperdrive
13. Amras - Mandatory Drug
14. Metahuman - Time Jump Gear
15. Oxidaksi - White Weirdo

For Free Download (320 kbps) Hope you Enjoy :)

Sega Nomad Sound Problem Fix

Because i have had two Sega Nomads that had sound problems i will write a quick guide on how to fix it.

There are different types of sound problems on the Nomad:

  • Only Left or Right Channel working
  • static or humming noise
  • no sound at all
The problems can be fixed by doing the following:

  1. Resolder all the joints shown in the pictures
  2. Clean all the joints with aceton or something similar
  3. If problem still persists - change Volume Potentiometer
Be careful when soldering on the soundchip (check that you have no cross connections).
You have to use a real small tip to be able to solder all the SMD parts properly.

After reflowing the solder clean all the residues with aceton or any other solvent type.
Be sure that theres no fluid left after cleaning.

If you still have the same problem you maybe havent reflowed correctly or your volume potentiometer is dead (or half dead).

Those can be found on Ebay or at the radio shack stores, they are called "wheel potentiometer 20k" they have 5 pins and look like this.

wheel potentiometer with 20kOhm resistance - 5 pin type

reflow all the joints on the frontside

reflow all the joints on the backside (be careful on soundchip)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sega Nomad and Midiboy for Francesco (updated: 15th January 2013)

Francesco send me his Nomad for some modding.
He also is soon the happy owner of my last and final Midiboy. I changed the backlight to green because he likes it more.

I will change the Nomads Screen to a brand new one, his Nomad is in perfect shape, he is very lucky with this gem :D

Stay tuned for the progress

Screen before


Screen before
Tidied up for tomorrows modding

Update 15th January 2013

I installed the new screen today, looks pretty awesome just compare the pictures :)

ok lets go...
even with movement really sharp
compare the contrast, epic win :)
installed a pitchmod switch to complete the job

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Retro Day: Car Tuning

Back in the days.. when i was tuning cars (at the age of 18 and some years above), there was nothing better than horsepower and torque for me.

I loved High RPM Vtec Civics and also Turbo Engines, i dont have pictures from all of the Cars i had sadly, but here is some of them in todays Retro Day Special ;)

Click here for the Pictures 

Maybe i will find some old pictures of my Computer Watercooling Projects too ?!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sega Nomad Battery Mod

This is the Sega Nomad Battery Mod using a LiPo (Lithium Polymer) Battery.

Here the technical details:

  • Battery: LiPo
  • Cells: 2C  (2 Cells)
  • C Rating: 30-50C
  • Volts: 7,4V
  • Size(LWH): 69mm x 34mm x 16mm
  • Capacity: 1500mAh

The battery easily fits into the normal Battery Pack of the Nomad, you just need to remove some plastic on the inside.
After that you have to solder the LiPo to the right connection points of the pack.
Be careful because when you shortcircuit your LiPo it will go up in flames within a second (its very strong).

First fitting

Connection points

For charging the LiPo just open the case up and use the 2C Connector with a 2C compatible LiPo charger.
You now have almost double the runtime (sometimes even more) and all inside the sega battery pack.

Charging the LiPo ;)

Have fun with this mod! (Tip: you can easily find cheaper LiPo's with chargers on Ebay)

After charging happy with the standard look without any ugly holes

Thursday, December 27, 2012

RyuX SoundLab

Hey guys, i am so happy right now, almost finished my little home studio.
Here are some pics :D

dj section

gaming sounds section



i like this stand

old mixer and clavia nord rack 2

my new keyboard

i love it


massage anyone ?

too bad i am not allowed to turn on those speakers

my neighbors suck

it's e meee.... mario....

Friday, December 21, 2012

Sega Nomad Mods (SMS Mod / Region Mod / LCD Mod)

My second Nomad has arrived today.

Like i did with my first one i will install a LCD and change the battery led, also i will be showing you how to do the SMS Mod (Sega Master System Mod) that lets you play Sega Master System games and how to make a switchless Region Mod.

Keep in mind that some LCDs dont work because they have shitty or wrong resolution and/or handle signals the wrong way, some interpolate and distort the nomads signal. i had good luck with 3,5" LCD (480x234) in the 40 euro price range.

You just need to unplug the old LCD on the side of the pcb, the flat cable that connects directly to the pcb has to be removed, this can be done by knife, soldering iron or pure brutality (choose whatever suits you best).
Double check that there are no cross connections after removing the old LCD.

Throw the old screen away, you wont be needing it anymore (and you wont ever miss it, because your new one will rock!)

Lets start of with some pics of the LCD Mod (those are a little better than the last ones).

first testing the LCD wiring

everything is working fine

connection points for video signal and ground

power supply connection

now that we have a new LCD lets mod our Nomad a little more, i didnt find good pictures or information on the SMS Mod on the internet so i decided to make some for you guys.

connect to asic pin 45 (the pin has a small white dot in front, easy to find)

other end of the cable goes to pin B30 of the socket (back row)

Ok starting to get interesting, now that we have done the SMS Mod, lets jump right to the region mod. This mod will allow you to simply change region from US to JAP by simply holding down the mode button of your nomad while starting the game.

on the same pcb look out for JP1/JP2 - cut the trace that connects JP1 points
with a cutter knife and solder a cable to one of the middle points

the other end of the cable goes to the middle pin of this connector (mode button)

mod works - you can now simply change the region of your nomad

so enough for today, stay tuned for more modding soon!