Thursday, September 20, 2012

mega man dmg (full midi arduinoboy inside)


i finally finished my mega man dmg. this will be the one i want to use the most. it has everything that i could dream of.

  • teal backlight
  • blue power/bpm led
  • custom buttons
  • internal arduinoboy with midi in/out jacks
  • half clock/normal clock mod
  • amplifier board 6 watt
  • prosound mod on original headphone jack
  • 10 uF capacitor bass boost mod
  • nice looks

it was a real pain to get all that cables inside and still be able to properly close the dmgs case, but i finally did it.
everything operates perfectly.

this time i used a arduinoboy pro mini 16mhz / 5 volts. as i still dont like those big midi din jacks i did it all with nice small headphone jacks to keep the design nice and easy.

omg ?!

i like the teal backlight

midi in/out/switch and prosound jack

sexy back

mmh mmh

i also took a video with my phone camera, which really sucks, but it helps to see how it operates so here is the video featuring my x0xb0x for a quick test on master syncing with lsdj sequencer.


  1. Hi, I dig Your midiboys! Can You tell me more about that 10 uF capacitor bass boost mod? Is this about replacing some existing capacitor on dmg board? thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Wiktor

      Exactly, you have to remove the capacitors that are mounted on the backside of the board (right were the prosound mod goes, on the backside). Those 2 capacitors are replaced with 10 uF caps for better low end.

  2. Hey RyuX,

    Been Followin Your DMG Pics On And Love You Megaman DMG.
    I Recently Aquired An Old -01 Series With The Intentions Of Modifyin It For Music Creation (Tried LSDJ On An Emulator)

    Are There ANy Hints You Could Share To An Intermediate Level Solderer With A Small Electronics BAckground, Anything That May Make My First Build Run A Little Smoother

    Thanks In Advance For Any Help :D

    Facebook/Soundcloud :- Raven Rummy Knights :- Freak Assassins

    1. Hey :)

      Well i would start of with a ProSound Mod which is really easy to do! Just get a good soldering iron with a small tip. There is alot of Pics on the Net just search "DMG ProSound Mod".

      Also i would install a backlight, you can get those cheap on its just 2 wires to solder and small modification to the gameboy.

      Installing all the Stuff i have on my MegaMan DMG takes alot more skills because of the tight fit of all the cables and the Arduino that is implemented.
      But everyone has to start somewhere and you will get better every time you do a new mod :) All the best to you,