Friday, July 27, 2012

arduinoboy #1 first test


i did a quick test on my arduinoboy #1 to see if it is handling the midi clock right.

seems that everything is fine so far, i will add a new video once it is finished.


the sticker matches the led colours

what a cool coincidence

battery operation working fine

heartbeat also working

arduino mega doing good work

i changed the led colours to cyan and blue, and gave my little boy his own heartbeat to see if he is alive.
the case is painted in white satin - i think that gives him a nice touch in combination with the led's.

check back to see my progress :D


  1. Awesome could you tell me how did you make that heart? :)

    1. It uses a led fading code (without delay) so that the program runs smoothly and doesnt stop while fading.

      This is the Arduino Code:

      int fadeLed = 7; // Fade LED
      int fadevalue; // FADE LED Value
      int periode = 2000;
      int displace = 500;
      long time=0;

      // Place this part in the void setMode() in the Mode Tab

      time = millis();
      fadevalue = 128+127*cos(2*PI/periode*time);
      analogWrite(fadeLed, fadevalue); // sets the value (range from 0 to 255)

      This is all, now only connect the LED you want to fade to PIN 7 and GND (i used a 1K Resistor)
      Then cut out some plastic and sand it, but the led underneath, and you are all set!

      Greets, Patrick