Monday, July 30, 2012

new whack boy and arduinoboy test

today my defect/bad shape ebay clear boy came to my door.
i was looking for a new whack boy (which i dont have to look after)

the buttons where absolutely gone, the case looked like it fell into a bucket peanut butter in the year 1989 -> now in the future someone found the peanut butter bucket -> and put the gameboy on ebay...

i did a prosound mod and 10 uF caps mod, took the blue backlight out of my other dmg and installed it.
i repaired the display and the cartridge contacts - also replaced the speaker which was broken.
reflowed and cleaned all the contacts, and used the chance to finally get my black dmg a white backlight.
too bad my cam cant capture backlight colours right (the white inverted looks very detailed with a violett/darkblue shade)
in my opinion white is the best choice when it comes to backlights.

my new whack boy in retro style

the white backlight, looks better in real life

it was cheap so, i am happy with the result

to test out the whackboy i installed everything needed to make the arduinoboy #1 run.
seems that its working fine, i had to modify the code because the original code doesnt work with Arduino Mega.
maybe its also not working perfectly because i had this arduino mega layin' around for years and it was
a chinese copy of the original mega 1280?

but well, the syncing is working finally ! yeeha!


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