Sunday, July 15, 2012

new gameboy project

this is how the dmg looks at the moment

I am currently building another DMG-01 for use with LSDJ Music Software.

I am planning on building an Arduino Midi Controller (ArduinoBoy)
I will use an Arduino Mega (which i have laying around) put it in a small case with some leds and a mode push button.
It will have 5pin DIN jacks for connecting to other Midi Devices, and will run on USB power.

I ordered an EMS Cart 64M with USB to upload the LSDJ Software.

The mods i want to do to the DMG are as follows:

  • Bass Boost Mod (10 uF Caps)
  • Pitch Mod (LTC 1799)
  • Bivert Mod (74HC04)
  • Backlight Mod (blue)
  • Green Power LED
  • Super Famicom Buttons
  • ProSound Mod with orig. jack
  • Custom clear/black Case

 Stay tuned for more...

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