Monday, July 16, 2012

older stuff

Hey guys, i just wanted to share pics of some older projects in this post.

circuit bent Casio SK-1 (cat jump over it mod)

LSDJMC2 Gameboy Midi Controller

My first DMG modded Gameboy
my first DMG with pitch mod
One of my two modded Korg EMX-1

Midibox SID MB-6582 rear (+ Cat mod)

Old homestudio

Midibox SID MB-6582 in the dark

Midibox SID MB-6582 sexy rear

Midibox SID MB-6582

Midibox SID MB-6582 inside the beast

My old DAW all in one

my current x0xb0x

fully loaded with mods and 2 VCO

wanted it to look as orig. as possible

newer photo of my homestudio

an arduino water dispenser

my first x0x

and the rear view

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