Saturday, July 21, 2012

prosound mod with original jack

Today i will be showing you how to do the prosound mod using the original audio jack on the bottom of the DMG.

First of all we got to clean the original jack with some contact spray for electronics. Just spray a little inside of the jack and plug your headphones in and out several times.

Next step is to open your DMG up with a Tri Screwdriver which you can get at for example.

Now locate the pins shown in the picture and solder like shown. I used normal ribbon cable which is working fine for all of the DMG mods. The white cable is used to turn off the speaker when plugging in headphones.

this is how it should look like
You can see that i ripped the left half of the jacks pcb apart, this is just because we dont need it anymore ;)

Once it looks like in the picture, test your audio with headphones -> make sure both audio channels work.
After that test if the speaker works and turns on and off when plugging headphones in.

You are done, congratulations!

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