Saturday, July 21, 2012

repair broken gameboy carts

Got a broken gameboy cart ? Does it look like this when turning on your gameboy ? Well dont fall into despair, we might work it out :D

i hate it when it looks like this

The reason why the gameboy cant read the cart is because of dirty or oxidized contacts, this happens when the carts are in higher humidity rooms or just laying around in a dirty environment.

those are the dirty bastards

We will need some contact spray, a small flat screwdriver, and a towel to clean that mess up.

all you need

First step is to scrape the contacts as clean as possible (dont be too rude at first)


Second step is to do the same thing again, but this time a towel is pulled over the screwdriver, and the tip of the towel is soaked with contact spray.

Again scrape fromt left to right now applying more and more pressure. Repeat this step several times till you cant see any dirt on the towel no more.

repeat, repeat and repeat

Now lets see if this little bugger is working now...

epic win !
 Yes !!! We have done it, now go and tell all your friends ! :D

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