Thursday, August 2, 2012

black and white dmg

i decided to go on modding my current dmg's a little. main problem was my wackboy, i kinda got used to its unique sound and decided to reincarnate him. so i repaired the case screw mountings and gave the case a better satin like look with polishing compound.

i also used snes buttons and one of play it loud screens that were in better shape as the one it already had.
i also fixed the problem that the backlight would light up the white case outside of the screen (used black tape und black glue).

after reassembling the case for about 20 times - yes that awkward moment when you assembled everything and notice that there is a hair or dust behind the screen >:O

i used the diffusion film from kitsch-bent on the white dmg but it didn't make any noteworthy difference.

the black dmg got silicone buttons and a new black screen.


yes play with the camera

show me your best move

what a couple

really love the colour combo

this time the white backlight looks better

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