Wednesday, August 15, 2012

transparent gameboy

here we go again..

i ordered one of the custom cases from kitsch-bent. its a clear case and looks pretty simple (bricky).
it fits really good and is cheap. i decided to add the red buttons to have at least one retro looking boy.
i tried the green backlight because of the better contrast, and it really looks good.
the power led is a low current 5mm blue led flathead.

the green backlight

the kitsch bent case front

rear (its really bricky)

from another angle (green)

i got another camera so i decided to take new shots of the white and blue backlight to show the difference.
this time the pics look more like the original :-)

white backlight
blue backlight

stay tuned for my next gameboy, i want something special, maybe i will add pitch or underclock mod and i want something fancy in terms of colour.



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