Thursday, September 6, 2012

pioneer djm-500 upgrade

i wanted to change the boring look of the djm-500 mixer and make it fit better into my setup so i decided to make a cheap modification.

i changed the channel leds and the effect led to blue and the upper channel status leds to green.

looks pretty sweet, but beware... the pioneer pcb's are really fragile !

i just used standard 3mm leds which work fine without any modification of the resistors.
this cheap and easy mod makes the old mixer look a little more futuristic, which is nice...

first test

already looks better ;-)


  1. Wow that looks amazing bro!!! I was thinking of doing this mod as well but the only information online they give is 3mm LED but what ohms do I use? And also did you mod the jog wheel on your CDJ400 as well? Once again excellent work!!

    1. Hello ! I dont use any resistors, the resistors that are already implemented in the DJM work with almost any blue LEDs (just choose one with lower mcd light intensity).
      Those are CDJ-200 (they already have the blue LEDs inside the jog wheel).

      Just be careful removing the old LEDs, they PCB is really fragile.
      I already did this mod to my DJM-400 to make it a DJM-400K, just check out my new post :)