Wednesday, September 5, 2012

midiboy (internal arduinoboy) part 2

it's done !!
yeah, you heard right... i finished my midiboy ! unbelievable huh ?!

yaaaayyyy !!!!!

so what have i changed from the original midiboy in the first place ? i gotta tell you:

  • changed from arduino pro mini to arduino nano v3.0
  • added a pushbutton to select modes
  • added a midi out jack
  • added a anti glitch resistor to the arduinoboy pcb
  • optimized the fit inside the case

fitting good
wiring nightmare

i finally got a full arduinoboy inside my white dmg, also the amplifier for the speaker, i never thought that all would work as perfect as it does now. the dmg sends perfect midiclock and receives without any noticeable latency.

i had issues with some pro mini arduino boards, thats why i changed to arduino nano v3.0 and now arduinoboy 1.2.3 is running like a charm.

uuh yeah, you gotta love those curves

the main reason why i am so happy with the results is because even with all this mods inside - the dmg still got a nice design without any ugly jacks. i will definitely keep this one forever :D

because of my new cam i cant make any videos anymore (i got a sony alpha dslr-a500l), so you gotta be satisfied with the pictures.

more pics will be added soon, stay tuned!

thanks to all the people around who inspire me and keep the dmg alive!!!

once this has been a broken clearboy

but after some love it turned out to be my favorite

even mario seems to like it

focus on mario

wuuu huuu !!

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  1. What exactly is the anti-glitch resistor?
    Trying to build something like this.