Friday, August 31, 2012

green lantern gameboy

this time i wanted to try to make a gameboy with only one colour theme.
it wanted it to have green backlight, green led, green case etc.

first i drilled a hole in the pcb to make room for a 5mm led (i didnt have a 3mm at home at the moment).
i used a grinding tool to make it fit better, i wired everything up and used a resistor to give the led the desired voltage.

drilled a hole right in the middle of the pad

before <-> after

mounted led - prosound - bivert mod wiring

i will bivert the screen as soon as i get my 74HC04 to maximize the contrast. i will also put some work in the case because some of the original text cannot be read anymore (note the A/B Buttons).

looks pretty nice in the dark

display needs a bivert

 i will post new pics as soon as i am finished with this one. this could take a some time because i have some other projects going on :-)

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