Friday, August 24, 2012

midiboy (internal arduinoboy) part 1

news on my white dmg, i succesfully installed a arduino pro mini (16 mhz / 5 volts) inside of the dmg along with the amplifier board :-)

it was quite a challenge because it took me the whole friday to figure out why it hasnt been working in the first place.
the problem was that the cheap chinese knockoff arduino pro mini i bought didnt work.
i rechecked the wiring a thousand times, resoldered everything, it almost drove me crazy..... till.......
i tried to use an older version of arduinoboy and upload it with the alpha arduino software... Eureka!!!

the wiring (amplifier board and arduino pro mini)

i also took a short video to demonstrate that its working now, i choose to put the status led inside the case and let it shine through because i really didnt wanna ruin the nice design of my white dmg (same goes for the midi jack).
i am really happy with the results :-D


  1. You are one step ahead of me again, sir. I was just beginning shopping today for a decent MIDI controller that I could install inside the DMG.

    Have you considered writing hardware guides for installations of these mods? You seem to have a much better idea of where to find parts and how to install them than I do.

    1. It is just a Arduinoboy with an Arduino Pro Mini. There are already guides around on the net, so i have not thought about writing a new one yet.
      It is easy, just look up Arduinoboy Schematics in google and you will be fine :)
      You have to buy a Arduino Pro Mini (5V / 16mhz). This will work with the onboard 5V from the gameboy.
      If you have questions, just ask, i will be happy to help you out !

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    1. i only have ICQ (45258426) or email: nilein (at) aon (dot) at

  3. Great work! I am looking into building one in a small external box. I have bought an arduino mini clone

    will this do the trick using the diagram in the instructables tutorial?

    Good work. Cheers.