Friday, October 19, 2012

midiboy trilogy

I finished my third and final midiboy today, it has the same midi jacks as my other midiboy's which makes it easy to connect it to other devices.

first sync test was fine, also the pitch mod is working very smooth and midi clock will not break down even on lowest pitch.

the midi jacks and the push button (for mode selection) on the right

once again, a wiring nightmare come true

finally a gameboy with pitch knob

i kinda like the more classic look of this midiboy and the pitch knob is really fun to play around with.
i build a ltc 1799 module with a capacitor and a 10K potentiometer which is working fine for my needs.



ftw !
 and here is a short video where you can see how the pitch mod knobs controls the midi clock and sound.


  1. Would you be willing to sell this.

    1. If the price would be right, i would sell it i think...

  2. What price are u thinking of

    1. just send me a mail, maybe we can work something out: nilein @ aon . at

  3. Hi Ryux ich hätte da noch so zwei drei sachen für dich *Casio VL-TONE (DIsplay verbindung kaputt)Korg monoton (midi/stimmfunktion )und GB(Licht und Pitch) schön wenn du dich mal meldest!

  4. Good work! Is the wiring of the arduino mini or the clones the same as the instructables tutorial?

  5. Would you build another one of these if I paid? I need a midi/prosound DMG, but I can't seem to find one anywhere.