Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pioneer DJM-400 modification (Limited Edition Blue)

I bought a pioneer djm-400 some time ago and i didnt quite like the colours it features.
my cd players have a blue jog wheel light and i kinda like the look of the limited edition of the djm-400 (called djm-400k).

so i decided to buy some blue and white leds and mod it to look like the limited edition.

i had to buy:

  • 27x blue led (3mm)
  • 6x white led (3mm)
if you can find blue led's with a wider angle, i would recommend those to you.

this is how the original djm-400 looks

the djm-400 is more easy to mod than the djm-500 because you can easily remove the pcb's and the flat ribbon cables.
the djm-400 is really alot more service friendly than the older models, which makes modification quite easy.
it took me only 1 hour to finish the whole modification.

just like the djm-400k

the effect led is very bright (advice: only use 2 white angle led's)

fits really good inbetween my cdj-200's

take led's with lower light intensity (lower mcd)

well worth the money
so this mod is for everyone who couldnt grab one of the limited edition djm-400's or just want to mod their old djm-400 to new colours (and make it look like a new djm-400k).

sorry for not posting any pics of inside of the case (but after flashing a new firmware to my smartphone i lost all of my pictures). but believe me, as soon as it is open, everything comes pretty clear, just unsolder all the leds and put in new ones at the same height of the old leds.

you can also take the chance to clean out all the faders and potentiometers because you have opened it all up already.
there has been some dust inside of mine, i just used a straw and blew it out (dont use lubricants).

have fun with your all new looking djm-400(k)


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  2. How beautiful the mixer is!!!! congrats!!!
    Can u tell me how long the three devices are together?? I´m going to buy that mixer