Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sega Nomad and Midiboy for Francesco (updated: 15th January 2013)

Francesco send me his Nomad for some modding.
He also is soon the happy owner of my last and final Midiboy. I changed the backlight to green because he likes it more.

I will change the Nomads Screen to a brand new one, his Nomad is in perfect shape, he is very lucky with this gem :D

Stay tuned for the progress

Screen before


Screen before
Tidied up for tomorrows modding

Update 15th January 2013

I installed the new screen today, looks pretty awesome just compare the pictures :)

ok lets go...
even with movement really sharp
compare the contrast, epic win :)
installed a pitchmod switch to complete the job


  1. Last midiboy? Does that mean youll never do the mod again? Too bad cause from what ive seen, yours look the best!

    1. Thanks Peter.. yes it means i will never mod another gameboy..i am also thinking about selling the two gameboys (my best works) with the Arduinoboard (Full midiboys) and integrated amplfiier etc. if someone offers a reasonable price to me.

  2. I would be very interested in purchasing one of your midiboys if you are still considering selling them~