Monday, January 21, 2013

Sega Nomad Sound Problem Fix

Because i have had two Sega Nomads that had sound problems i will write a quick guide on how to fix it.

There are different types of sound problems on the Nomad:

  • Only Left or Right Channel working
  • static or humming noise
  • no sound at all
The problems can be fixed by doing the following:

  1. Resolder all the joints shown in the pictures
  2. Clean all the joints with aceton or something similar
  3. If problem still persists - change Volume Potentiometer
Be careful when soldering on the soundchip (check that you have no cross connections).
You have to use a real small tip to be able to solder all the SMD parts properly.

After reflowing the solder clean all the residues with aceton or any other solvent type.
Be sure that theres no fluid left after cleaning.

If you still have the same problem you maybe havent reflowed correctly or your volume potentiometer is dead (or half dead).

Those can be found on Ebay or at the radio shack stores, they are called "wheel potentiometer 20k" they have 5 pins and look like this.

wheel potentiometer with 20kOhm resistance - 5 pin type

reflow all the joints on the frontside

reflow all the joints on the backside (be careful on soundchip)

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  1. I am unable to find a 20K Ohm resistance potentiometer, but I found a 50K Ohm resistance potentiometer. Would a 50K Ohm resistance work, or does it have to be exactly 20K Ohm resistance?