Thursday, November 15, 2012

Flip Mino HD Fisheye Mod

want to have cheap fisheye camera ? read further...

i bought a used flip mino hd from ebay for 30 euro. its the 1st gen model, the resolution is far away from hd, but its still a nice little camera for quick shots.
it does not act that well in rooms with low light amount as you can see in the video i will show you later...

if you want to mod the flip mino hd to fisheye lense you just have to buy two things:

  • 30.5mm-37mm 30.5-37 mm 30.5 to 37 Step Up Lens Adapter (around 2 € on Ebay)
  • 37mm 0.42x Fisheye Lens Fish-Eye Lens + Macro Lens (around 20 € on Ebay)
the mod itself is pretty easy, just glue the adapter ring on the lense side of the flip mino hd (make sure that it sits even on the surface)

use a small amount of epoxy adhesive or any other strong glue to permanently attach the adapter ring to the camera.
after that you can easily mount the macro/fisheye lens to your cam and remove it whenever needed.

adapter ring

mounted macro lense

finished mod

and here is a quick video to test out the fisheye lense, the quality sucks because it was inside my room and the light is not very bright (keep in mind this is a pretty old cam)

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