Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sega Nomad Modding (updated 07th december)

This is my new project... I just love Sega Nomads, so i thought i should get some and rebuild them to the best possible state.

i am in love

The first one arrived and i did some cleaning inside and outside, also the standard LCD with CCF Light is not top of the notch (and very power insufficient).

backside (you need a sega/nintendo bit to open the mid screw)
this is how the opened device looks
old lcd with ccf module removed
the old lcd (ewww)
So i got a 3,5" LCD/TFT and installed it (almost every 3,5" will work as long as it has rca/chinch video input)

I am also looking for a better speaker replacement (maybe also a little amplifier like i had on the gameboy).

I changed the red low battery led to a blue one, gives it a nicer touch

you have to unsolder the lcd connection to remove it properly
here are the connections points for the lcd (sorry for bad quality - pics made by phone)

LCD Connection (white goes to lcd ground, red to lcd power +)

yellow is the video signal of lcd, black also goes to ground

just use some hot glue to stick lcd to the case

finished the lcd mod

alot better :-)

Next Step is a LiPo 7,4V high power battery pack - stay tuned for more...


  1. hallo, hast du deine ersten lsdj-tracks schon fertig, wie auf geschrieben? :) ich bin auf der suche nach chiptunes-nachwuchs aus österreich.. poste mal deine mailadresse hier. oder schreib mir an microrabauke at

  2. It's always nice to give credit to the inventor of these mods instead of acting like it's your idea :)

    1. Sorry dude, but who is the inventor ? I also never said that i invented it, and i also forgot to give credit to the inventor of LCD Screens, the inventor of electricity and the inventor of Sega. So by this post i give shouts out to all of the inventors :D So no offense man, but are you the inventor ? if so, i didnt know about it because it was no real invention. I just connected a LCD Screen with the same size to the VIdeo Output pins of the PCB. Had to buy three LCD Screens till i found one which works ^^